Buying Only the Finest Quality Italian Ingredients

Most of us here love to eat. Even more so others have a knack and flare in the kitchen. The sound of the room even smells and tastes delicious itself. What recipe could be brewing and simmering in there next? Are you excited yet? Because we surely are! But before we even go to the cooking one should always think about ingredients and materials first. After all even the best recipes, the newest equipment and the best chef hands can never make an exemplary dish out of bad ingredients. On that note how then will you make sure that you get only the finest quality Italian ingredients? Worry not for we’ve got some tips to add to your magic hat of tricks!

italian ingredients ukTrick Number One: Know what those dates mean – When you buy ingredients there will often be dates written or printed on its label. The “harvest date” denotes when the product (e.g. fruit, vegetable, root crop or spices) was actually reaped or gathered. The “manufacturing date” shows when it was processed into the final output (e.g. from the tomato fruit to the canned chunked variant). The “best by” or “expiration date” specifies until when the product is fit for consumption or retains its best flavors.

Trick Number Two: Be acquainted with the distributor. – Remember that no matter how high the quality of the ingredients are, that will not matter if they have not been handled properly by distributors, sellers, importers and retailers. It would be best to do a research of the best shops in your area that offer the finest quality Italian ingredients. Reading feedback and reviews help as well as asking for recommendations.

Trick Number Three: Educate yourself about your ingredients. – Different items are handled variedly. They have diverse harvesting and manufacturing processes, storage techniques, temperature requirements, container specifications, taste testing procedures, shelf life and all that. If you know all these then you would best be able to scrutinize the items when you go shopping.

Trick Number Four: Try going to online and specialty stores. – Today you may already purchase in the comfort of your own home and this applies to the finest quality Italian ingredients as well. Going to specialty stores will also be good. Sometimes it is best to look in other places than just your nearest convenience store or local grocery. There are special items that will only be found in certain places. And because they sell only a fewer variety or those that pertain to only to a particular category, they are best able to apply the practices that the food items require to retain quality.


Tricks in Buying the Best San Marzano Tomatoes

San Marzano tomatoes all thanks to their strong, sweet and less acidic flavor have been considered by many chefs as the best paste tomatoes in the face of the Earth. That is quite a compliment, don’t you think? True enough these thin and pointed plum wonder is a favorite ingredient in many dishes and recipes all over the globe. You will find yourself searching for them in your local grocery and favorite Italian supply shops. But the question is, do you really know how to pick the best and freshest ones? Fear not as we are here to teach you useful tricks in buying the best San Marzano tomatoes!
san marzano tomatoes londonTRICK # 1: Keep a keen eye. – Perfect shape rarely matters. Uneven and imperfect tomato shapes are nothing to be worried about. There is no harm in them as long as they do not have any tender spots or areas where juice is leaking out. Unless you need a beautifully shaped tomato for a certain food presentation then this should not bother you. Steer clear of dark spots too as they might be secretly rotting inside. The skin should be blemish free too. In short, shape does not matter much but it must be blemish and bruise free.
TRICK # 2: Weight matters. – The heavier it is then the juicier it is and the thicker its flesh is. No one wants dried up tomatoes in the first place that crumbles when cut, now do you? When squeezed lightly it should resist pressure and not be too soft to touch.
TRICK # 3: Smell them. – They should have an earthen and tomato-y odor to them. The best part to smell is by the stem. If they do not give off any kind of odor at all then they might have been refrigerated and stored far too long.
TRICK # 4: Check the Leaves and Stem. – Take a look at the leaves and stem. They should be green and securely attached to the tomato. If they are brown and loose then it could mean that it has been around for quite some time now.
TRICK # 5: Buy those that sit on the top. – The best San Marzano tomatoes are often those that are stacked high up on the pile. Those that are at the bottom part may have already been exposed to weight and therefore have accumulated pressure which may make them soft and cause scratches and skin cuts.

What You Need to Know When Buying from Italian Food Importers

It is general knowledge that not all countries and places are blessed with all the necessary natural resources that would grow every food item possible. That’s not how the world works even if we wished it did. All thanks to transportation and modernization, importation of goods have become possible and more convenient. One of the most imported items in the UK for example is Italian ingredients. On that note, we have here enumerated some advice and information when buying from Italian food importers like Lupa Foods.


The quality of the product itself depends on where it was imported from and who manufactured it. This is fairly easy to know as you can always check it on the label of the goods. If you are buying in bulk and would really want to ensure the manufacturing quality then you can look them up over at the internet.


Likewise, ensuring that the importer and distributor uphold quality and good processes and practice standards are a must. The product quality as processed and manufactured will be of no value if the seller who has imported it does not preserve its quality.


Since imported goods have been transported across borders they obviously take days, weeks or even months before they arrive on the shelves and finally into the hands of the shoppers. On that note it is of utmost importance to read and look for the expiry or best before date to know when not to buy and consume the product. For freshness, look at the harvest or manufacturing date. The closer it is to the date of purchase then the fresher it is.


If it has no labels then avoid it at all costs. If you are buying fresh and newly harvested goods from the farmer’s market then sticker labels may not be necessary but if such goods are canned, boxed and imported then they are a must. It should also have the nutritional value information, weight, suggested serving sizes and the like.


Lastly, do some canvassing. Different Italian food importers may price their goods differently others more expensive than the rest even if the product is essentially the same.

Finding the Best Italian Ingredient Suppliers

Fresh ingredients always make the difference. We bet anyone who loves to cook knows this rule by heart. Would you want to use bad ingredients? Of course you don’t because by doing so you destroy the dish no matter how skilled you are at cooking and no matter how high-tech your kitchen tools and appliances are. This makes it important for food chains, restaurants and even the personal household to find shops or sellers who offer only the best. On that note, we are here to help as we’ve got some dibs on tips about finding the best Italian ingredients suppliers in town.

italian ingredients supplierTry asking around. A good word of mouth has been considered one of the best marketing tools and one that is hard to fake. All of us participate in it consciously and unconsciously such as when we gush about a place that we loved and enjoyed.

Consult Mister Internet. With today’s social media platforms, forums, blogs and the World Wide Web, you can pretty much get good recommendations not just verbally but also through the comfort and convenience of your very own smart phones, tablets and computers. Try typing in on your search bar and hit enter. You’ be surprised to see various discussions and good recommendations, reviews and testimonials.

Look beyond your area. Sometimes there are certain Italian ingredients that are not available in your area. Worry not because technology has given us a new means to shop. You may also find reputable suppliers in cyberspace. Some even offer free shipping and twenty four hour delivery. Well that’s pretty convenient.

Know the supplier. Once you have seen a shop from which you would want to purchase from, make sure that you get to know them first by doing a little research. This is especially important if you are planning to buy wholesale or in bulk.

Canvass from shop to shop. If you want to do well on savings without sacrificing quality then doing your own brand of canvassing will do you a lot of good. There are indeed stores that overprice an exactly similar product compared to the others. The trick is to be patient enough to canvass and research.

Be knowledgeable about your food ingredients. You cannot completely ascertain the quality offered by various Italian ingredient suppliers if you yourself are not familiar with the tricks of the trade. Know how to differentiate fresh from stale products, high end versus cheap imitation and the like. Knowledge will bring you places and it most definitely will lead you to fresh and delicious ingredients.

Tips When Buying From Italian Food Wholesalers

We’ve heard fairly enough about the advantages of buying in bulk. Besides, if you own a food related business and have a mountain of orders, it surely isn’t wise to buy one ingredient at a time. That’s a huge waste of money, time and energy. Its perks are indeed great but one cannot fully enjoy them if you do not do it right. Worry not as we’ve enumerated tips when buying from Italian food wholesalers that everyone will surely find useful.

lupa italian food wholesalersTIP # 1: Do the Math Tricks – When buying in wholesale just because it’s in bulk you’d assume that it is much cheaper. In most cases it is indeed, but there are those which aren’t so do not hesitate to do the math. After all if you do find yourself in a brain lockdown just whip up your calculators.

TIP # 2: Never Undermine Quality – A cut on costs shouldn’t be your only goal in ingredient wholesale purchases. Quality should still be up there even at affordable prices. It also would not hurt to ask them where they get their products. Are they imported? Are they made locally? Or are they manufactured and processed on site?

TIP # 3: Compare and Canvass – Make sure that you do some needed research and canvass from one supplier to another. This will allow you to better compare prices, quality of products and services.

TIP # 4: Check for Business Legitimacy – Is the shop running legally? Is it reputable and trustworthy? Research and asking around should help answer these queries. If you are buying from an online shop, scrutinizing the website, its privacy policy, data and information should be done.

TIP # 5: Inquire About the Processes – How does returns, shipments, deliveries and payments go about? What policies are there? Know things like these too especially if you plan on purchasing from the same Italian food wholesalers in the future and all the more if you plan to do so regularly.

TIP # 6: Check on Customer Feedback – This allows you to get a clue on whether the said Italian food wholesalers indeed have the quality they say they have. With the technology we have nowadays, the forums available, social media, blogs and websites, this has become fairly easier and more convenient to do.

Hopefully the above tips when buying from Italian food wholesalers proved useful to you. Have fun shopping!