Espresso Machines – Guide to Buying & Brewing

Espresso Machine is that one device in the wish list of all coffee devotees.  It is one favorite companion of anyone who loves to have a sip of fresh ground hot coffee anytime. Before you actually go for a purchase, you have to consider a few espresso machine reviews from various sources, to get an idea about what needs to be done

  1. Budget – Espresso machines are available in the market from a marginally low amount up to some really huge prices. Basically the level of automation and built in features decides the price of the espresso machine.5
  2. Pump Driven or Steam Driven – This is actually a slightly complex feature that requires technical understanding of the buildup of the machine. Steam Driven brews the ground coffee with just steam whereas the pump driven machine brews the ground coffee with water and pressure. Pump Driven machines suits those who love just the perfect real espressos, while Steam Driven machines are optimum for those who have an eye on budget.
  3. Single or Double Boilers – A single boiler will take time to give your cup of coffee, whereas a double boiler boils both your espresso and milk simultaneously and hence your wait for a cup of refreshingly fresh espresso is short-lived. Again the cost factor matters.
  4. With Frother or Without Frother – This is a decision that is left up to you. You might get an espresso machine with a perfect frother or in some the frother is not available. In such cases, you can also go in for separate milk frother that suits your desire.
  5. With grinder or without grinder – There are espresso machines that do come without a grinder, but there is all means that you can get a separate grinder altogether with the burr or blade option that suits your need.

Now as we have seen the features of the espresso, now let’s get to the brewing part of it.

Espresso Type

Ingredient Ratio


1/3 espresso

1/3 steamed milk

1/3 foamed milk


1/6 espresso

4/6 steamed milk

1/6 foamed milk


2/5 espresso

2/5 chocolate

1/5 steamed milk

Flat White 

1/3 espresso

2/3 frothed milk

Mocha latte 

1/8 espresso

5/8 steamed milk

1/8 foamed milk

1/8 hot chocolate


1/3 espresso

1/3 steamed milk

1/3 frothed milk

1 tablespoon of chocolate syrup



“Happy Coffee-ing”



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