Drugs – The Curse Of The Celebrity


Pick up any tabloid newspaper or magazine and you will be sure to find some news about a celebrity who has been booked into a posh South Florida drug rehab center. It is indeed quite sad to see actors, musicians and stars who have so much talent, potential and promise, reduced to a pathetic state thanks to drug addiction. For a regular outsider, it is hard to understand why celebrities would unnecessarily spoil their seemingly flawless lives with drugs. However, the truth is apparent from the steady stream of celebrities who have been checking into detox centers Florida. Evidently, their lives are far from perfect.

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Why do celebrities end up in best drug rehab Florida?

Celebrities are under constant pressure – the pressure to look good, to perform well, to maintain contacts, to keep earning huge sums of money in order to sustain their flashy lifestyles, to stay ahead of the competition and the list goes on.

They are also almost always in the public eye with every tiny detail of their personal lives placed under a microscope for the whole world to discuss, dissect, analyse and critique. Over time this can get rather tiresome, especially for people who prefer their privacy.

What’s more, showbiz is also a very isolating profession where no one can truly trust anyone. There have been only a handful of steady and honest relationships and friendships among celebrities because everyone has their own secret agendas to fulfil. This lack of a support system can also cause celebrities to seek refuge in drugs.

Celebrities are not some sort of celestial beings who are above the fallacies of human nature. Naturally they too goof up, they too make mistakes which they end up regretting, and they too are on a learning path.

At times though, celebrities tend to get carried away by all the praise and adulation that are showered on them by their fans. It is easy to fall for flattery and live in a bubble under the illusion that your stardom will last forever – because it sure does seem like it at that moment.

But sadly, there does come a point in time when a celebrity gets overshadowed by someone else who is perhaps younger or more beautiful or more talented or just lucky. This sudden fall from favour can have a dramatically adverse impact on the self-esteem and ego of celebrities thus pushing them into depression and drugs.

This is why we see the list of celebrity patients ever increasing at centers for drug rehab Florida.




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