Love the offers and free minutes? – Stay updated!

Every mobile phone user craves for those plans which have these special free minutes which get accumulated on initiating a new plan. It is simply a perk provided by the company to encourage a new plan they have launched so the customer will be satisfied. There are several complimentary offers and sloshed rates provided by many service providers during the festival times and sought-after days. You could also use the coupon codes provided by the company to avail certain specific discounts on some plans. These offers are deals are communicated but do not reach every single customer so they could avail these. Staying connected to your service provider and volunteering for updates will enable you to be aware of the deals on different plans and how much you could put them to use.

Pay as you go plan

Pay as you go is a plan provided by TracFone for their customers. It is one of the beast deals provided by the company where you get those extra free minutes on every purchase of airtime in this plan. There are several deals with respect to the city and area you stay. All you have to do is type in your zip code on their web site to know the hot deals each offering various freebies.


There are bonus talk times available on the purchase of select models of phone as well. Remember to choose well as you get to keep the phone for the money you pay apart from your talk time. The interactive map available on their site allows you to check for the service availability in all areas near you. Use the coupon codes provided in their TracFone – promocoupons.code site which is to choose free shipping on certain orders. You will see the various offers and deals listed on the web site. These offers might be subjected to the device you buy or might vary depending on the area you stay. Go through the terms and conditions and make use of the offers to the best you can. There is a gift option as well where you could choose where the gift needs to be delivered and also check on the offer pertaining to the deliver zip code and avail them as well.